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Full name: BTS UAE
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Member since: 8 months ago

BTS UAE was created and formed in August 2015 in hopes of spreading love for BTS and their music, as well as seeing and gathering BTS ARMYs in the UAE. We created social media accounts to update about BTS news, projects, and also connect with other BTS ARMYs in UAE and around the globe. 

Some of the notable support activities we had: 

- Did fan support (provided food for staff, gifts for BTS, and doing BTS banners) during their KCON concert in Abu Dhabi last 2016. 

Campaigns to have UAE radio stations to play BTS constantly since 2016. - Participated in doing an Anniversary Subway Ad in Seoul in celebration of BTS's Anniversary back in 2017. 

- We made a global song performed in different languages with many BTS ARMY around the world, posted on Youtube in 2017. 

- We did mini-events in cooperation of different Movie theaters on premiere nights of BTS's documentary films in UAE during 2018. 

- We formed a BTS UAE Dance Cover group: 'PRISM DANCE CREW' that consists of ARMYs in UAE passionate about dancing, which continuously performs dance covers of BTS choreographies to date. (Which I am also actively a part of) 

- We had fun BTS ARMY gatherings held in the previous years, one of which we collaborated with LG (back when BTS were endorsing their product). 

- We campaigned for having BTS as part of Dubai Stars, and did "Purple Week" campaign of getting BTS a tour date in UAE, which was picked up and reported by The National last year. - And most recently, we participated in global charity campaigns with One In An ARMY & other fanbases, and local charity campaigns donating to COVID-19 causes under BTS's name this year. 

In between all of these we do daily updates, encourage & guide ARMY to vote on award shows that BTS are nominated in, encourage fans to chart BTS's songs to number 1 on UAE iTunes, and also support their videos and content on other platforms. We also collaborate with different BTS fan bases around the world for projects that BTS ARMY can surely enjoy or support whether they’re in or outside of UAE, all while juggling our individual lives (studies/work) too. 

The best thing that we love about BTS is their creativity, talent and uniqueness. Whether it’s from the music and lyrics they wrote & produced, or messages they stand for, they make us feel connected. Their genuine passion for music & defying odds of society standards, have inspired many people around the world. I think it's one of the main reasons why we continue to show our support for all the 7 members of BTS throughout the years, and hope that more people will realize that BTS is more than just a popular band, they truly are one of the most influential artists in this generation. We wish people can take their prejudices aside and learn more about these talented, genuine, and good-will artists from Korea, then maybe they can understand why BTS ARMY has become one of the biggest and loyal fanbases in the world.

Reasons why we want to hold an upcoming project with SPRINGS15: 

- The platform is a great way for us to organize, get the assistance and guidance we need into creating more unique support projects for BTS here in the UAE 

- It can give UAE ARMYs a voice to be heard around the world, and for BTS to see and possibly notice that they are also very well-loved in the UAE just as much as they are loved in America, Europe, Japan and Korea. 

- SPRINGS15 can also help us tap into our own creativity and passion towards our community by creating a space where ideas are not shunned or belittled, but are encouraged and supported by a very positive and well-driven team.

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