Bring your ideas to life with SPRINGS15.
SPRINGS15 is a test-bed for individuals or small businesses seeking support to turn their creative ideas into reality. 

If you have a project you want to pursue but need help identifying potential customers, you can share your idea on SPRINGS15 and get connected with dependable supporters.

A book you want to write
One-of-a-kind furniture you designed
Unique decorative items
Gathering events with like-minded people
Charity fairs
Virtual class ideas
And more….

Regardless of your field— Arts & Crafts, Beauty, Fashion, Film & Photography, Food, Furniture & Design, Health & Diet, IT & Games, Kids, K-pop, Music, Pets, Publishing (Books, Comics, etc.), Travel, (Virtual) Events, etc.—if you have a great idea, SPRINGS15 helps you bring it to life by conveniently connecting you to an array of supporters who appreciate your idea and are willing to support your project.

What is a test-bed platform?

If you want to gauge your project’s potential for success and need the budget to get the project up and running—test it on SPRINGS15. When you share your idea, backers will gather through the SPRINGS15 platform and support it. When the target budget you set is met, your project turns into reality, and your backers become your first customers.

How does it work?

1) Share your specific, detailed project idea through SPRINGS15.
2) Set the target budget and duration for your project. Depending on the scale of your project you can choose Fixed or Flexible project; Fixed is reaching the target budget within 15days, and Flexible is reaching 25% of the target budget every 15days within the 4 phases total will be 60days.
3) Promote your SPRINGS15 project on social media or by telling friends and family.
4) Supporters who admire your project will back it by contributing to your budget.
5) If the target budget is met within the deadline, you will receive the money to pursue your project. If the goal is not met within the deadline, the project is cancelled and the pledged money is automatically refunded to your backers.
6) If the target budget is met and the project is completed, your supporters can enjoy the final creation. In the case of physical products or goods, you must independently manage delivery to the customers. In the case of events, you must independently send out tickets and/or invitations.

[Disclaimer: SPRINGS15 is a platform provider—not the creator of independent projects—and thus does not directly oversee sales. Creators are responsible for the completion of projects, the delivery of products to supporters, and are liable for any legal disputes that may arise with backers.]

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