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Project Goal: 10,000.00 AED
0% Reached the goal
3 days to go (Phase 4 of 4)

Project Description

My Friend Told Me 'Your skin is glowing”

And I say "I Know, It’s LMA”




Have you seen all the Korean celebrities’ radiant skin from the K-dramas?

No wonder they have beautiful skin if you experience this revolutionary invention from Korea

-Stuck at home?

-Reluctant to go to a spa in the current circumstances?

-In need of handy and effective home self-skincare?

Then this LMA LED mask will resolve it.



With its distinguished technology and safety,

L.ma is confident In satisfying our customer’s pursuit

For beautiful value. We will show you how to make safe and 

Healthy changes with our true lights. 

L.ma, the value made from lights, will open

The door for you and guide you.


Philosophy 02

Unique technical skills for L.ma product stability

VITSRO is not limited to just serving lighting products but have accumulated unrivaled technology via continuous light wavelength research.

We built our reliability through the immaculate management of the entire production process and secured safety through various through product safety testing.


L.ma promises safety!

Electromagnetic safety certification, in order to secure the safe use of our product, L.ma products are all electromagnetic safety certified. 

Human body application test, we conducted direct human body application tests and confirmed our products’ high safety and effectiveness. 

Face fitting system, the dial band of the LED Mask allows users to adjust its head circumference easily. Moreover, its open-eye design prevents you from any vision damages. 


L.ma LED Magic Face Mask

2,990.00 AED

Option 1

You can get this Revolutionary LED mask at 2,990AED which you can't find anywhere!

Get this LED mask and apply it along with your serum or cream that you are currently using on daily bases

Estimated delivery 

LED Face Mask EGCG Collagen Peptide Rejube Ampoul BERA Rejube Cream

3,590.00 AED

Option 2

L.ma LED Face Mask +  EGCG/Collagen Peptide Rejube Ampoul, BERA Rejube Cream only for 3590 Dirhams

Get this Revolutionary LED mask along with Ampoul and Cream at a more discounted price!

Easy to apply them all in one and feel the differences even faster!

Estimated delivery


L.ma LED Magic

Company Information

Since 2008, Vitsro has developed ingenious beauty to various facilities based on outstanding design and experience without setting for the present in securing brightness, the basic function of light in the fields of bridges, architecture products, streetlamps, and indoor lighting.

As for the technology of LED lighting, we feel the pride to be in possession of key technology through Vitsro lighting R&D center in South Korea. Of course, we're acquired various certifications like KC, KS in Korea, and CE for the L.ma.

In 2020, we launched the beauty brand L.ma as a concept of "Create beautiful value through lighting". We're sure that L.ma delivers optimized lighting for your skincare.

Learn More About L.ma LED Magic

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