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Project Goal: 1,000.00 AED
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11 days to go (Phase 4 of 4)

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Better Plants Seaweed Supplements For Pets

This nutrition is every pets best friend

Pets need to be treated with care

Try this new delicious, healthy diet supplement for your lovely pets 

Making dish tastier with rich vitamins and minerals, and good pet health in every aspect; food full of spirit, pets’ best friend.

Ever got seaweed more fun for the pets? Fill the energy of seaweed with every bite of happiness that your pet will enjoy.

Seaweed matters for your pets’ healthy body, bringing new fun in seaweed, making your pet meal delicious with it.

Give your pet a piece of seaweed, full of taste, because seaweed means more!

 Better plant's seaweed supplement for dogs and cats is one of the most organic minerals richer diet supplements. 

Our Kelp for dogs is 100% organic and hand-picked from Ireland's coastal areas. where the brown seaweed is harvested in abundance.

The Irish Kelp for dogs and cats is an excellent resource of more than 60 nutrients, including iodine, minerals, probiotics, to support the digestive system.

We use dried seaweed milled to power in the supplement that contains no additives and no fillers and packed with 100% natural dried seaweed benefits. 


# What is the benefit of using this product: 


100% Irish Natural Product

Change Starts Here ...


*Reduces plaque and tartar build-up 

*Pets have shinier, soft coats

*Helps dry and itchy skin

*Helps improve temperament

*Strengthens immunity 

*Helps digestion 

*Improves absorption of nutrients 

*Reduce weight problems 

1. Pet Products:

Organic Seaweed Feed and Supplement for Pets - 100% organic & completely free of chemicals


2. #Healtier pets, Shiny coats, better teeth Improved temperament  

# Keep your pets healthy with Better Feeds Cats & Dogs Seaweed Supplement :

Better Feeds Seaweed Diet supplement is a fine power so it can be easily added to your pet's food. 


3. Instructions

Cats: 2-3g per day (1/2 teaspoon)

Dogs : 4-5 per day / 10kg dog's weight 

Small dogs: 1 teaspoon per day

Larger dogs: 2 teaspoons per day 



4. -About Better Feeds Cats & Dogs-

Better Feeds Cats & Dogs Seaweed Diet supplement is an excellent source of iodine, which is an important mineral. Iodine is necessary for efficient cell respiration. 

nerve and muscle functioning, the growth and repair of tissues, and helps to promote healthy skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

Our seaweed is from the west coast of Ireland's unpolluted Atlantic ocean to ensure the highest level of purity.

It provides all 37 minerals and traces elements required to maintain a healthy metabolism and so is a valuable all-round mineral supplement. 

 Promotes dense coat growth and helps to maintain good pigmentation especially when given during the winter months. 




Better Plants Seaweed Supplement for Dogs and Cats Directly from Ireland (Option 1)

75.00 AED

AED 75 (Shipping cost included)

Option 1

Organic Supplements for Dogs and Cats directly from Ireland (150g) 

Estimate Delivery 

April 2021

Better Plants Seaweed Supplement for Dogs and Cats directly from Ireland (Option 2)

160.00 AED

AED 160 (Shipping cost included)

Option 2

Organic Seaweed Supplements for Dogs and Cats directly from Ireland (4 Tubs) 

Estimated Delivery

April 2021

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