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Project Goal: 1,000.00 AED
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13 days to go (Phase 3 of 4)

Project Description

                                                        Anti - Aging and brightening box

                                       These are handpicked items for wrinkles and stressed free for glowing brightening  skin

Have you always wanted to use Korean skincare products, but didn't know how to apply them? 

Have you had this curiosity of in which order is it? Which product do I need to start with first?

In this Korean Beauty Box, you will know how to apply the products and what to start with.

It's your time to achieve the glowing skin that you dream of, and make your skin happy!

Also, don't forget when you purchase this box, it is a 15% more discounted price than when you purchase individual products! 

                     1.Midha Sebum Rice Tone (Oily Skin)

                          After washing your face, apply this product to your cotton pad/sheet or directly pour it onto your palms (an effective amount) and lightly tap it onto your skin for the product to soak up onto your face.

                          Who should use MIDHA  Sebum Toner


  • For OILY skin that produces a lot of Sebum 
  • People who want to use it as a toner mask
  •  Or as a wipe toner


                       2. 14% Pure Vitamin C+++ Serum 10ml 

                  Vitamin C+++ Serum optimally contains high-content Pure Vitamin C and Lily extracts from Choose on Nature, Black Bamboo extract, Horsetail Glass extract, and select ingredients.

                 *It is a high-concentration vitamin C cosmetic that contains 14% pure vitamin C, not vitamin derivatives.

                 *With stabilization technology that significantly increases pure vitamin C storage time, which is prone to degeneration.

3.Anti-Ageing & Brightening PDRN Serum 30ml 

                          *Promotes cell proliferation in the skin.

                          *A mechanism that strengthens the skin barrier by showing the self-filling effect of collagen and other skin substances.

                          *Enhances the elasticity of the skin, moisturizes the skin, and regains the characteristics of bright and transparent skin.

                          *Improves the skin damages caused by the external and internal environment of the skin, anti-inflammation, and wound healing.


                                  4.Maskafe Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask

                                    Revitalize tired skin / Remove dead skin-Smoothing with pore care/ Moisturizing & Nourishing & Brightening Special care at once!

                         5.Midha UV Protect Rice Sun Cream SPF 50+

               It prevents Aging and contains Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, PA+++. 

                 Naturally smoothens, hydrates, and relaxes the skin. Protects against UVA & UVB rays for a longer duration. 

                 Made from Rice Bran extracts & is Chemical and Paraben free.


Korean beauty box option 2

475.00 AED

AED 475

anti-aging and Brightening Box

This Beauty Box Includes:

 1. Midha Sebum Rice Tone & Rice cream 

 2.14% Pure Vitamin C+++ Serum 10ml 

 3. Anti-Ageing & Brightening PDRN Serum 30ml 

 4. Maskafe Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask

 5.Midha UV Protect Rice Sun Cream SPF 50+

A7 Heaven


A7 Heaven is the ultimate K-beauty heaven.

Our line of products market to avid consumers of ever-evolving industries such as Beauty, Fashion, Health, and Lifestyle. We encourage our products to be Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Environmental Friendly.

Our main office is located in Dubai, UAE, and promise to bring our choices of some ultimate heaven(ly) products, which of have been carefully marketed from the heart of all things- aesthetically pleasing, and quality imported from; Seoul, South Korea.


We are a company that seeks to give back to the society that has shaped our brand in every angle.

Every time you purchase a product from us, 5% of our profits go towards the foundations that promote activities related to Good Health & Well-being.

Our overall aim is to provide customers with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Learn More About A7 Heaven

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