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Project Description

Singer 10CM holds an online concert on July 24 at the Amazer 'History Live' to meet fans around the world.
Tittle : 10CM History LIve : Online mini concert 10CM 
Date : 3PM, 24th of July,  2021
Platform : Amazer (app download link - https://www.amazer.tv/download-app)
Contact for inqueries : [email protected]
Ticket price : $15
Ticket sales period : 12th of July, 2021 ~ 8pm 23th of July
Ticket sent: 10am, 23rd of July 


Singer 10CM will hold an online concert 'History Live'.



'History Live' is an online concert held on the global K-POP platform 'Amazer' where more than 96% of all users are from overseas. 10CM, a well-known performing artist, will interact with the audience by using various functions such as real-time quiz participation, digital placards, and avatars, along with a stage singing his signature song and drama OST.


This online concert is expected to draw keen attention from fans as it is a time when they have not met overseas fans due to the pandemic.

In May, 10CM, who made a comeback with his new song "Sleepless in Seoul'' swept the top of various music charts, imprinting 10CM's unique sensibilities on the public, including "Stalker," "What the Spring??" and "Phonecert." Netizens praised the unique tone of 10CM, responding by saying, "More than the legendary collaboration of the genius voice" and "No. 1 song I want to hear at the festival when covid19 is over."

On the other hand, Amazer Live is a streaming service that is rapidly emerging as a playground for Generation Z in the performance market shrunk by the pandemic by grafting the metaverse worldview to K-POP performances. 10CM will continue to communicate with fans through a video call event after the live ends.


Tickets can be purchased from 12 PM on the 12th through the Amazer app, Interpark tickets, Melon tickets, and various global ticket reservation platforms.


10CM's Amazer 'History Live' will be broadcast live worldwide through the Amazer App on Saturday, July 24 at 8 PM Korean Standard Time.


Korean singer '10CM' History Live: Online mini-concert

55.00 AED

Event ticket 55 AED ($15)
Artist will interact with the audience
Real-time quiz participation
Digital placards
Singing signature song and drama OST 


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