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By the name of “Moment of Light”, SILVERSTONE is operating a project in cooperation between BTS and STONEHENgE through the big hit contract of entertainment with the unprecedented SPC structure. The uniqueness of the production and sale method of SILVERSTONE is not based on the simply conventional method of production and sale but is through the creative and method of storytelling. SILVERSTONE Company Outline SILVERSTONE Presentation 3 Through the extraordinary approach of target-hitting storytelling marketing strategies, SILVERSTONE develops mutually communicative MD products for the customers. SILVERSTONE also constructs a world view among the mutually communicative MD products and makes communication possible between artists and fans through the MD products. SILVERSTONE advocates a new direction of MD business that fulfills the need of customers by creating a mutually communicable community for the artist and fan in connection with MD products. 

Moment of Light

MOMENT OF LIGHT is about a massage of “the record of truly glistening momentum” from remarkable Korean jewelry brand STONEHENgE and the global artists, BTS. To keep precious feelings from the flowing momentum of mundane life, we decided to conserve the splendid beauty of The Birth, The Destiny, and The Coexist into the shimmering necklace and put it near the heart. Under the main theme of ‘MOMENT OF LIGHT’, the collaborated necklace products are consist of The Birth, The Destiny, and The Coexist, so that they represent the different momentum.

Part 1 BIRTH

BIRTH Everything begins with darkness. So is the birth of every living thing. A cold and broken piece of rubble, Burn by sunlight for a long time, Shaped by winds and embodied the sky, Reincarnates itself as a precious stone. Making own story, each precious stone has its birth date and name; At last, it becomes a perfect light. With seven different colors, It gives birth to seven different radiations.

BIRTH: It is a product that connects to each BTS member’s Birthstone. The birthstone is located in the double circled round pendant.
Pendant Diameter: 12mm


DESTINY Among the uncountable people How the one was discovered? And also how I was recognized? Discovery, Perceiving, that is not an accident. Remember it rather be the destiny When the hand of destiny starches to appealing, “Clink” connecting as one Two rays become one beam; This encounter of destiny infiltrates the heart.

DESTINY: It presents each BTS member’s birthstone with purple color symbolizing BTS. Especially it implies the fateful encounter of BTS and Army. 
Pendant Diameter: 10mm


COEXIST With the heart beating sound, We catch our breath after a seven-year-long journey. One became Moon, And another became a star shining beside. Having taken a dark and long passage, we finally arrived here. Time-traveling facing each other And making countless footprints, we have been all together. Listen to a song and sing along a song, sleep, and rise The most dazzling momentum that has never been before Finally, we encounter the moment of light.

COEXIST: Through the birth of BTS and the fateful encounter of fans, it stands for the coexistence of BTS and fans. It is in the shape of a crescent moon with the inscribed name of BTS members signifying possibility and change in the future.
Pendant Diameter: 9mm